The association was established by the members of trade unions of the smelting work of non-ferrous metals "Szopienice" Co. and the lovers of old industrial technology.

The aim of the association is:
  1. to help in establishing of a Museum of Zinc Mill in Szopienice-Katowice,
  2. protection of the existing historic industry facilities of the "Szopienice" Co.,
  3. to promote the old metallurgic technologies,
  4. organization of a cooperation platform on a cultural level between old industry protecting centers in Silesia and similar centers in another regions and countries,
  5. creation of a lobby to protect the industry monuments,
  6. supporting of un-commercial initiatives undertaken to protect the old industry monuments,
  7. cooperation with territorial governments and government administration in the field of old industrial monuments protection.
The association is realizing the aims through:
  1. organizing meetings with inhabitants and other associations,
  2. propagation of the ideas of industry monuments protection among the Silesian people and especially among school children,
  3. putting pressure on institutions obliged to protect the industrial monuments to ensure financial resources in order to establish the Museum of Zinc Mill,
  4. participation in setting up of the Museum of Zinc Mill,